Thursday, December 9, 2010

Solution - Fix - Fedora 14 Blank Screen Error During Installation

Error Description: So laptops during the installation, goes to blank screen because of some bug in the fedora. Laptops of Dell and Sony are the most victimes.

Step by Step Solution:

1. Connect your laptop to an external monitor. e.g. I connected to my old Samsung Samtron 55V which is used for my Desktop PC.

2. Install Fedora 14 DVD. The screen may do some weired things, but just complete the installation.

3. Boot Fedora and complete the preliminary configurations.

4. After reaching your desktop, unplug the external monitor.

It will work as usual. This is what I did and I am using the latest Fedora 14. I installed Fedora 13 without any problem. But when I tried to install Fedora 14, the screen went completely blank. When I Google and checked the forums, they said that it is bug found in some laptops because of it's LCD monitors and Fedora is planning to release its bug fixes soon.

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